Thursday Thought Leader: Janet Brooks Holmes

Janet Brooks Holmes has been a civil litigation lawyer for over 20 years. Isn’t that amazing? Here at LegalNet, we love featuring thought leaders of all types, but we find extra curiosity in those who have maintained a career for extended periods of time. With that being said, Holmes is first to admit that although the choices she made along the way were not easy, they were obvious. In our latest chat, she delved into her thought process of taking time off to raise her children and why she made that important decision. We admire Holmes’ dedication to balancing her incredible career as a Partner at the McKay Firm with fulfilling her personal goals as well. If you’re looking for inspiration…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: David Frankenberger

David Frankenberger is a Managing Partner of the Ericksen Arbuthnot Fresno and Bakersfield offices – a title that is fit but not fully encompassing of everything he does. We were connected to David through our good friend Pamela Pettus of The Gavel, and we were so thrilled to connect and learn more about this attorney powerhouse. David has been in the legal industry for several decades, an admirable trait that shows his commitment and dedication to his work. In addition, he is AV® Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell and recognized by Thompson Reuters as a Super Lawyer in 2016 and 2017. If that rating were up to us, we’d probably give him a lifetime award. We had the opportunity to…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Kristen Peed

Kristen Peed has an absolute genuine authenticness about her. She approached our booth at the RIMS Conference this year with a bright smile, making sure that we were happy with the way the conference was going and spent extra time to get to know us despite her busy day. As a member of the Risk and Insurance Management Society’s Board of Directors and the Director of Risk Management for CBIZ, Kristen is nothing short of impressive and kind. She’s been in the industry for 15 years and fell in love with the impact that being a risk manager could have. Today, she is most passionate about meeting and mentoring students who are interested in the field. Read on to find out…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Jason Kolb

As Vice President of Smart Data Solutions, Jason Kolb is one humble and well-rounded guy. He’s an expert and industry leader in automation and an avid traveler and adventure junkie. Plus, when it comes to tips on how to succeed in this cut-throat world, his advice is straight-forward, actionable, and simple. Our favorite part about Jason is that he doesn’t care much when it comes to titles within a company. He believes that your role doesn’t dictate the glamour, prestige, or impact you have – it’s all about your commitment and dedication to the mission. You are in complete control of that. We are so proud to present this week’s feature, a thought leader who will change your mind on…

Jackelyn Ho

5 Ways To Know If Your Company Needs Legal Spend Management

When strung together, legal spend management can sound daunting and intimidating. To break it down, it’s the simple act of managing your company’s legal budget. Legal spend management has been around as long as litigation has (so, forever), but it’s now being recognized as a necessary solution for companies with a lot of litigated claim files on hand. What is Legal Spend Management? Legal spend management, litigation cost management, cost containment, or claims management, is keeping track of and understanding all cost data surrounding a company’s legal matters. For a large corporation who may see many litigated claims, it’s important to know both micro and macro data, including but not limited to: Which lawyers are on the case The current…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Benedict Burke

What do you think of when you hear the word “insurance“? Do you think car accidents or home loss? Unfortunately, insurance yields a negative connotation, but the people who work in the industry have the best of intentions. They are caring, passionate, and thoughtful individuals who are there when you need a hand. Cue in: Benedict Burke. As International Chief Client Officer of Crawford and Company, he was literally born into insurance. He didn’t stick around because his family wanted him to. He dedicated his life to insurance because he wanted to help people and this is where he knew he could make the most impact. To say that he’s a champion for and of the industry would be an understatement –…

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Need Litigation Cost Management Help? Visit LegalNet at RIMS 2018

One of the biggest conferences in our industry is just around the corner! RIMS, The Risk Management Society, is hosting their annual risk and insurance management conference and this time, we’re gracing the city of San Antonio, TX. We’ve been part of RIMS for many years and we’ve always loved seeing both new and old friends. We’re excited to be becoming more involved with the RIMS community and we would love to meet you in any of the following ways: Booth #1925 We’re debuting a brand new booth setup, giveaway, and interactive game (hint: Giant Jenga, anyone?). If you sign up for our newsletter below (we promise it’s not spammy), we’ll even guarantee you a special one-of-a-kind thank you gift….

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Cheers to These Influential Leaders on International Women’s Day

Although there is only one day a year that we officially recognize International Women’s Day, it feels like every day is a good day to thank our moms, sisters, wives, daughters, and friends for being the incredibly inspirational people they are. In honor of today, we want to extend the biggest of thanks to a few of our favorite thought leaders for leaning in and showing us different magnitudes of success. Hannah and Jade Sullivan – Co-founders of POGO Insurance “We knew insurance wasn’t necessarily sexy, but we love solving problems. Plus, we had always wanted to work for ourselves, so this was a great place to begin.” – Hannah Sullivan “The insurance industry is changing. And it really needs…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Max Drucker

If you haven’t already noticed, we are huge fans of companies that make the insurance world an easier place to navigate. One sector that we haven’t quite delved deeper into yet is insurance data. Cue in: Carpe Data. Based out of Santa Barbara, Carpe Data was founded by CEO Max Drucker in 2016 and is described as providing, “next generation predictive scoring and data products to P&C and life insurance companies.” It’s an innovative company that uses modern-day technology to gather data and answer tough questions. Drucker has an extremely impressive background in the tech and insurance space – including starting and selling two of his own companies: eCoverage and Steel Card. These days, he focuses his attention on growing…

Jackelyn Ho

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

With the rise in DIY projects over the years–and outlets for the resulting products, such as Etsy and Redbubble–it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to their hobbies when they want to start a new business. Making money by doing something you love has never been easier, but there are some important things to consider before you get started. The first thing you need to think about is whether there’s a market for your hobby; can you turn it into a full-time career, or would it work better as a part-time money maker? This is going to take a bit of research on your part. You’ll also need to think about whether or not you have the energy…

Jason Lewis

Thursday Thought Leader: Hannah and Jade Sullivan

Insurtech is one of the best things to happen to the insurance industry and we are completely in love with the direction it’s headed. A perfect example of a company that’s leading the movement is Pogo, an online insurance agency that helps consumers and business owners discover, compare, and buy insurance plans. It’s geared towards the freelancers and solopreneurs of the world. Pogo wants to simplify the most necessary but also most confusing part of the business so that their customers can focus on what they do best. Hannah and Jade Sullivan, a wife-wife team based out of the Richmond, Virginia area, are the brains and powerhouse forces behind Pogo. Like many people, the two unintentionally stumbled into insurance, but now…

Jackelyn Ho

Insurtech Marks Itself As a Popular Industry for Investors

If you love watching Shark Tank or keeping up with the latest news in the funding world, you probably already know that insurance products, or insurtech, are rarely the ones making headlines. For the past decade, founders have been focused on disrupting industries like rideshare, food, and hospitality. But, insurance? How on earth do you disrupt an ancient industry that still lists a fax number? Fortunately, there are founders who believe in change and there are a ton of startups who are improving the insurance experience. From WeGoLook, a crowdsourced inspection service, to Clara Analytics, who has developed an intuitive texting claims platform, the trend towards a more tech-savvy insurance world is on the rise. To further validate this point let’s…

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