About Us

About Us

LegalNet Inc has been helping companies understand their legal expense metrics and make data-driven decisions for over two decades. 

LEO Reports™, our self-developed legal metrics software program, specializes in helping companies and firms monitor, contain and predict the costs of legal claims.

We provide unique and personalized reports including, but not limited to: legal costs, litigated claims, cases, attorneys, jurisdictions, and client/ law firm.

We pride ourselves in providing the most extensive metrics and our years of success prove its value.

Team Leaders

Rory Haynie

President AND CEO

Roger Lee

Chief revenue officer

Holly Allen

Vice President of operations

Alexis Wallace Director of Operations

Alexis Wallace

Director of operations

Jackelyn Ho

director of marketing

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Springfield, MO

PO Box 10106
Springfield, MO

Frisco, TX

15922 Eldorado Pkway
Ste 500 #812
Frisco, TX 75035

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For general inquiries: [email protected]

For partnerships and media opportunities: [email protected]


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