LegalNet focuses on helping companies and firms make data-driven decisions.

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Why partner with LegalNet?

With over 20 years of experience managing and trending legal costs, we love helping companies and firms understand and become proactive with their legal budget. Implementation is quick and easy, and we adapt seamlessly to your current operations.

what is LEO Reports™? what metrics can i access?

LEO Reports™ is our self-developed legal metrics software program created just for you. The journey begins once your company or firm submits legal bills for our software to process and review. From there, we create your customized dashboard and reports based on information captured from your bills. This includes and is not limited to: cost trends, jurisdiction, attorneys, case load, and so much more.

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What makes LegalNet different?

We provide easy-to-read and detailed reports on your legal costs so you fully understand your legal expenses and overall performance. In addition, our services are compatible with any legal billing software. Most importantly, we are proud of our outstanding customer service.

Who are some of your current clients?

Our clients are nationwide, including insurance carriers, third party administrators, large self-insured companies, and we’ll soon be expanding to law firms.
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What can I expect from working with LegalNet?

  • Access to LEO Reports™, our state-of-the-art online reporting tool with your personalized metrics
  • Directory of firm, attorney, client, and case data
  • Dedicated in-house experts focused on monitoring cost trends
  • Accurate cost predictions and benchmarking
  • Absolute personalization and customization to fit your needs 

Reporting Styles

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LEO Reports™ generates interactive metrics and reports that can be easily shared and viewed.


Provides a full understanding of current legal costs.


A drill down capable tool to quickly see case information.


We love graphs! Use our charts to understand performance and cost details.


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