Our New Online Reporting Tool

We are so excited to announce that we just launched a new release to our online reporting tool, which can be found here. This free tool is available to all of our clients and is the heart of what we do here at LegalNet. It helps companies organize and analyze attorney invoices into easy-to-read data reports using our proprietary software program. It has helped our clients learn more about their law firms and save money from being able to track attorney activity.

So, how have we made this revolutionary tool even better?

Updated features include:

  1. New Navigation Menu
    • Also nicknamed the “hamburger” menu, this feature helps discover and access all the best parts of the reporting tool.
  2. Easy Module to Contact Firms
    • Have a question on invoice data and need to talk to your firms? Now you can easily reach out to them with one click!
  3. Enhanced Security Features
    • We take security seriously and with new backend implementations, you can trust that your account stays safe and protected.

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