How We’re Supporting Sustainability on Earth Day

As a business, we do our part to help support the world we live in, whether or not it’s Earth Day. To be honest, Earth Day should be longer than just a day – it should be each and every moment of every single day. What you do to help our Earth matters, even if it’s just picking up a piece of trash that you see floating around. Here at LegalNet, we are proud to announce that our paperless efforts are going strong. As a litigation cost management company that helps other companies process and manage data on their legal bills, the opportunity to see a lot of paper is pretty high. We recently officially moved over another account to…

Jackelyn Ho

Insurtech Marks Itself As a Popular Industry for Investors

If you love watching Shark Tank or keeping up with the latest news in the funding world, you probably already know that insurance products, or insurtech, are rarely the ones making headlines. For the past decade, founders have been focused on disrupting industries like rideshare, food, and hospitality. But, insurance? How on earth do you disrupt an ancient industry that still lists a fax number? Fortunately, there are founders who believe in change and there are a ton of startups who are improving the insurance experience. From WeGoLook, a crowdsourced inspection service, to Clara Analytics, who has developed an intuitive texting claims platform, the trend towards a more tech-savvy insurance world is on the rise. To further validate this point let’s…

Jackelyn Ho

One Crucial Way Aviation Safety Could Help Advance Health Care Programming

Air travel and healthcare have operational parallels, but the key difference for air safety lies in its well-researched top-notch policies and procedures. How can we bring healthcare up to speed? Let’s talk. What does it mean to fly? Air travel is a part of daily business life for many around the world. The concept of being able to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles in under five hours was inconceivable 100 years ago, and even just 50 years ago it was reserved for only the wealthy. Now, air travel is so commonplace, the prospect of being in a pressurized cabin at 35,000 feet and cruising 500 mph is not scary to business people and mothers with children alike. Why? Because of…

Mark Pew

Our New Online Reporting Tool

We are so excited to announce that we just launched a new release to our online reporting tool, which can be found here. This free tool is available to all of our clients and is the heart of what we do here at LegalNet. It helps companies organize and analyze attorney invoices into easy-to-read data reports using our proprietary software program. It has helped our clients learn more about their law firms and save money from being able to track attorney activity.

Jackelyn Ho