Open Campuses Will Spark New Litigation – Here’s the Potential Impact for Three Lines of Insurance

Since the new school year began in late August, colleges and universities across the country have been reporting outbreaks of COVID-19, at times forcing the schools to pivot back to online instruction, send students home, and nix live attendance of events like football games. According to a recent report by CNN, 36 colleges have reported … Read more

What’s In Store for Workers’ Compensation and Insurance in 2020? Industry Experts Weigh In

With a new year upon us, it’s important to take a moment from our daily grind to see where we’ve been and where we may be heading. In 2019, we saw a big focus on opioids, cyber risks, political uncertainties, technology, and severe natural disasters. Although each topic was vastly different, these nationwide issues all … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Penni Nelson

Penni Nelson is a risk management hero, with an inspirational yet relatable career journey that reminds us all: persistence is key.  Today, Penni is the Director of Risk Management at Hillwood Development Group and the fearless President of the Dallas-Fortworth (DFW) RIMS Chapter. Her journey started as a receptionist at an insurance agency and flourished … Read more

5 Data Reports That Every Legal Metrics Program Needs

Having to deal with legal issues is no fun, but unfortunately, it may be inherent to your business. Working with a few litigated claims may be manageable, but what happens when there are too many to count? We’ve been helping companies understand and manage their legal billing for decades and have seen major benefits of … Read more

How To Make The Most of the RIMS Risk Management and Insurance Conference

The RIMS Conference, presented by the Risk Management Society, is one of the largest conferences for the risk management and insurance industry. We have been avid attendees and exhibitors for over a decade and we cannot get enough of the education, network, and incredible community this event cultivates. As with any conference, especially one that … Read more

5 Things To Do Before Your Spencer Ed 5K

It’s that time of year again! We are so proud to be sponsoring the Spencer/Sedgwick 5K FunRun for the third year in a row. The Spencer Educational Foundation is an incredible organization that raises funds to create scholarships for rising risk management and insurance students. These bright, young students are the leaders of tomorrow, and … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Aisha Monem Draznik

Aisha Monem Draznik of Cintas is this week's LegalNet Inc Thursday Thought Leader

When hiring a new employee, the last thing any employer wants to think about is any future conflicts that could arise, especially ones that call for legal action. Fortunately, with incredibly smart and talented people like Aisha Monem Draznik, your company is in good hands. As an Employment Practices Director at Cintas, Aisha specializes in … Read more

How to Protect Your Business from Hacking and Data Breaches

In this day and age, it’s common to see large breaches and hacks, whether they be data-related or, quite frankly, a bit more personal. In 2018, the biggest data breaches included T-Mobile, Quora, Google, BestBuy and Facebook. More recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had his personal text messages leaked amidst his divorce. How does this … Read more

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