How We’re Supporting Sustainability on Earth Day

As a business, we do our part to help support the world we live in, whether or not it’s Earth Day. To be honest, Earth Day should be longer than just a day – it should be each and every moment of every single day. What you do to help our Earth matters, even if it’s just picking up a piece of trash that you see floating around.

Here at LegalNet, we are proud to announce that our paperless efforts are going strong. As a litigation cost management company that helps other companies process and manage data on their legal bills, the opportunity to see a lot of paper is pretty high. We recently officially moved over another account to a paperless system and we are proud of our new paper-saving facts.

LegalNet Inc Supports Earth Day with Paperless Efforts

We are so proud to be moving towards a fully paperless and digital operation. If you and your company are looking for more tips to stay green throughout the year, read more from our Thursday Thought Leader Allen Eraut. Happy Earth Day!


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