LegalNet Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

LegalNet Inc, a leading litigation cost management company, celebrates 30 years of innovation in the world of legal metrics. While the business objective may seem straightforward – helping clients organize and analyze their legal metrics – navigating this unique market has been anything but.

In 30 years, the economy, technology, and industry have changed drastically. In fact, just a few years ago, artificial intelligence barely existed and today, it’s a huge piece of the LegalNet infrastructure. Adapting to these changes while maintaining a growing client-base proved to be challenging, but completely worth it.

And it’s all thanks to one key approach: putting people first. 

By implementing an altruistic outlook both within the company and with clients, the objective of understanding legal metrics evolved into a mission to help companies everywhere make better decisions. 

Emmanuel E. Manuelidis, Corporate Senior Vice President of ATAIN Insurance and a long-time client, says: 

“LegalNet has been an exceptional business partner to us. They fully understand our goals, while properly ensuring compliance with our claims and litigation guidelines. The insight gained through LegalNet to properly analyze litigation has been invaluable.”

Under the leadership of President and CEO Rory Haynie, the company has been able to lead with a client-first and tech-forward vision. LegalNet has been helping top companies analyze their legal metrics using artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art software. From implementing predictive analytics to developing an interactive dashboard, companies now have a simple way to understand what used to be complicated data. 

Although LegalNet’s business model has always been geared towards companies, they’ve made it a point to be a reliable liaison and advocate for law firms and attorneys. David Na of David Jane and Associates says: 

“To be quite honest, LegalNet has been the best in this industry that I have dealt with by far. It’s not even close.”

In addition to working closely with an array of clients and law firms, LegalNet is proud to have established strong connections with key leaders in the industry, including Pamela Pettus, CEO of The Gavel

“LegalNet is a valued partner to so many professionals in the industry. Their services are accurate and timely, and their representatives are efficient and professional. We are very proud that our relationship with LegalNet […] extends nearly a decade.”

Roger Lee, Chief Revenue Officer, joined LegalNet in 2020 and has focused on executing the company’s vision, exploring new areas of growth, and changing the landscape for the way the world sees litigation cost management. He has since onboarded many major companies across all industries, including commercial trucking, healthcare, and a popular hotel group – all helping them to advance their cost management systems. 

“I’m extremely proud to represent next-level technology with a company that hasn’t forgotten about old-fashioned customer service. This combination drives LegalNet into the forefront of the InsurTech claims industry.”

Sandee Sportsman, Manager of Risk Management at FFE Transportation Services, shares that behind the unprecedented service, still lies an inherently practical product.

“Using LegalNet has been not only a time saver for me but also gives me a sense of assurance that the work my attorneys are conducting on my cases are doing so within my company’s guidelines. That in and of itself is worth the program, but the reports that they create for me to show my jurisdictional costs as well as costs incurred per firm has been valuable information to have.”

What initially began as a hope to help risk managers seamlessly navigate claims and legal metrics data has evolved into a nationwide movement to advance the industry both in service and technology. 

Founded in 1993, LegalNet is proud to celebrate 30 wonderful years and looks forward to a bright and ever-changing future. 

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