Cheers to These Influential Leaders on International Women’s Day

Although there is only one day a year that we officially recognize International Women’s Day, it feels like every day is a good day to thank our moms, sisters, wives, daughters, and friends for being the incredibly inspirational people they are. In honor of today, we want to extend the biggest of thanks to a few of our favorite thought leaders for leaning in and showing us different magnitudes of success.

Hannah and Jade Sullivan – Co-founders of POGO Insurance

Hannah and Jade Sullivan of POGO Insurance is LegalNet Inc's Thursday Thought Leader

“We knew insurance wasn’t necessarily sexy, but we love solving problems. Plus, we had always wanted to work for ourselves, so this was a great place to begin.” – Hannah Sullivan

“The insurance industry is changing. And it really needs to change. We are really happy to be a part of that movement.” – Jade Sullivan

Pamela Pettus – CEO & Co-Founder of The Gavel

In our Thursday Thought Leader series, we feature industry leaders who have a thing or two to say about leadership. This week we're featuring Pamela Pettus of The Gavel.

Robin Smith – CEO & Co-Founder of WeGoLook

Robin Smith, CEO of WeGoLook, shares her best nuggets of wisdom in this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

Tammy Boyd – Vice President of Business Development and Marketing of NeuroInternational

Tammy Boyd, VP of Business Development and Marketing at NeuroInternational, shares her wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

Michele Hibbert – Vice President of Information and Support of Mitchell International

Michele Hibbert, VP Information Management and Support at Mitchell, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

Stephanie Douglas – Managing Director of Guidepost Solutions

Stephanie Douglas, Managing Director of Guidepost Solutions, shares her wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

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