Top Workers’ Compensation Issues in 2018

As we transition from 2017 and usher in the New Year, there have been several milestones in workers’ compensation that PRIUM has been monitoring as these issues continue to have an impact on the opioid epidemic, overall medication safety, and our ability to achieve a more balanced biopsychosocial approach in treating injured workers. These are … Read more

One Crucial Way Aviation Safety Could Help Advance Health Care Programming

Mark Pew, the Rx Professor, dishes on how health care programming needs a huge overhaul.

Air travel and healthcare have operational parallels, but the key difference for air safety lies in its well-researched top-notch policies and procedures. How can we bring healthcare up to speed? Let’s talk. What does it mean to fly? Air travel is a part of daily business life for many around the world. The concept of being … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Mark Pew

Also known as the RxProfessor on Twitter and amongst his peers, Mark Pew is the go-to man when it comes to answering questions on drugs’ effects in Workers’ Comp. As the Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing at Preferred Medical, a pharmacy benefit management and ancillary services company, he’s dedicated his life to the … Read more


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