Navigating the Legal Landscape: Key Trends and Opportunities in 2024

2024 Legal Landscape: What’s Trending? The legal industry is undergoing significant transformations. Technological innovation is largely driving this evolution. Changing client demands play a crucial role while shifts in the global economic environment are impacting the sector. Moving into 2024, several key trends are poised to shape the future of legal practice. Understanding these trends … Read more

How To Prevent Litigation in the 21st Century

by Chris Curl, President – CECGroup-LLC  I’ve been writing a lot about how to reduce legal spend in the 21st Century (see series regarding Litigation Management Revolution), but the actual no-brainer is to prevent litigation in the first place.  Insurance claims-related litigation is a waste of time, resources, and money.  Getting there is tougher. After … Read more

The Revolution of Litigation Management Part 3

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by Christopher Curl, President & CEO, CEC Group “Revolutions are won or lost by commitment and dedication to a cause,”  said Marquis de Lafayette, who fought with colonial troops and is a true American Revolution hero. Nearly 234 years later, I suppose he was saying: “Stick with the plan.”  But as times change, plans change.  … Read more

Creating B2B Content Without Legal Worries


September 20, 2021 by Wilton Blake   Creating B2B Content Without Legal Worries  Your business-to-business (B2B) content may showcase your business or highlight your greatest successes, but is it legal? This post will discuss some issues with B2B content that risk flirting with litigation and suggest methods to avoiding them. What is B2B Content? B2B content—whether it’s … Read more

The Revolution of Litigation Management Part 1

by Christopher Curl, President & CEO, CEC Group Everything evolves. In life, in business – even insurance and the legal industry. Insurance: who remembers adjusters taking written witness statements, in-person investigations using company cars, Polaroid cameras (to photograph accident sites), accident locus investigations? Who remembers claims, sales, and underwriting files so voluminous it took hand … Read more

Open Campuses Will Spark New Litigation – Here’s the Potential Impact for Three Lines of Insurance

Since the new school year began in late August, colleges and universities across the country have been reporting outbreaks of COVID-19, at times forcing the schools to pivot back to online instruction, send students home, and nix live attendance of events like football games. According to a recent report by CNN, 36 colleges have reported … Read more

Product Fraud is Surging During the Pandemic. How Are Insurance Companies Dealing With Liability Determinations?

Every crisis presents an opportunity for bad actors to commit fraud. Covid-19 scams have cost Americans a total of $13.4 million since the beginning of the year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Fraudulent or mis-advertised products constitute one major category of these scams. It’s likely that plaintiff’s attorneys will take advantage of the fraud surge … Read more

3 Types of COVID-Related Litigation, and How Employers Can Protect Themselves

With the numbers of new infections at or close to peak levels around the globe, it’s possible that the COVID-19 pandemic may soon begin to subside. But the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel may be dimmed by scores of employment-related lawsuits likely to arise from the event. At the end of the … Read more


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