Thursday Thought Leader: Robin Smith

Robin Smith, CEO of WeGoLook, shares her best nuggets of wisdom in this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

We first caught wind of power woman Robin Smith at this year’s Dig+In Conference, an annual gathering of all the latest and greatest companies and people who are advocating for a more digitally advanced insurance world. As the CEO and Co-Founder of WeGoLook, she knows exactly how to throw an eye-catching presentation, something made easy … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Jeffrey Adelson

Jeffrey Adelson, General Counsel and Managing Partner of the Law Offices of ATB, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

We’re not even sure where to begin with the long list of accolades that Jeffrey Adelson holds. For starters, he’s the general counsel and managing partner of The Law Offices of ATB, a firm focused on Workers’ Compensation and Civil Litigation Consultation & Defense. Our favorite facts about Jeffrey? He’s served as a Judge Pro … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: James Riviezzo

James Riviezzo, Client Director of AIG, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

After a short hiatus from our Thursday Thought Leader series, we are back with a brand new lineup of really incredible industry professionals! Today’s spotlight is on James Riviezzo, Client Director at AIG. He’s held a handful of impressive roles at several major companies, a difficult feat that looked like a walk in the park … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Jon Wroten

We think Jon Wroten won the career lottery. At first glance, it looks like he’s just one of the regular faces at industry events, making sure he lives up to his title as Senior Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Quality at Sedgwick. Not too bad of a life, right? That’s already a win. What … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Tammy Boyd

Tammy Boyd, VP of Business Development and Marketing at NeuroInternational, shares her wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

Tammy Boyd is a straight up certified GIRLBOSS. Are they giving out certificates for that yet? If not, we’re starting the trend. For those who are unfamiliar, a GIRLBOSS is a woman who is in charge of her own life, as coined by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of mega fashion retailer NastyGal. To us, Tammy … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Mark Pew

Also known as the RxProfessor on Twitter and amongst his peers, Mark Pew is the go-to man when it comes to answering questions on drugs’ effects in Workers’ Comp. As the Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing at Preferred Medical, a pharmacy benefit management and ancillary services company, he’s dedicated his life to the … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Allen Eraut

Allen Eraut shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

It’s hard not to feel calmed by Allen Eraut’s warm smile and easy-going demeanor. On top of that, he’s a huge proponent of green living, evident in the way he rides his bike to work and encourages his colleagues to compost. All of his efforts have helped his company become Oregon Business magazine’s 100 Best … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Michele Hibbert

Michele Hibbert, VP Information Management and Support at Mitchell, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

You never know who you’re going to meet and how they will change your life. You just can’t plan for that. Earlier this year, we attended the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference in New Orleans, LA. At a pre-conference event inspiring women’s leadership in the workplace, luck had it that we would sit at … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Steven Owen

We met Steven Owen, President and Owner of Southern Claim Solutions, when we became exhibit booth buddies at this year’s Property and Casualty Insurers Association of America conference. Have you ever experienced a moment when you connect with someone right off the bat? We can’t quite put our finger on it, but his genuine heart … Read more

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