Thursday Thought Leader: Patrick Murray

They say that once you pop, you just can’t stop. Okay, maybe Pringles coined that saying, but its truth still stands. Patrick Murray is a perfect example of someone who opened the can of entrepreneurialism over ten years ago and never turned back. He’s founded several companies during his time — from Pilot Taxi and Shuttle, an easy and affordable transportation solution to students in Panama City, to LA Discount Tickets, the best way to find highly discounted theme park tickets. Now he’s moved on to his latest and greatest idea: Noson. This venture takes an old-school industry of airport parking and simplifies it with technology. Finally! What we love most about Murray is that he is a sponge to…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Steven Owen

We met Steven Owen, President and Owner of Southern Claim Solutions, when we became exhibit booth buddies at this year’s Property and Casualty Insurers Association of America conference. Have you ever experienced a moment when you connect with someone right off the bat? We can’t quite put our finger on it, but his genuine heart and warm demeanor made us feel like long lost friends. To top it all off, it was so rare to see the company’s owners exhibiting, so we appreciated his efficient start-up mindset. Besides the fact that Steven is a whole-heartedly incredible human being, he also has a strong background in construction and claims, an industry he’s been working in for over three decades. In 2000,…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Stephanie Douglas

Stephanie Douglas is one of those incredibly cool kids that you’ve always dreamed of being. Her professional career began when she became a special agent for the FBI, a journey that lasted over two decades. Not only was Douglas part of an extremely high-end operation, she is also an expert in security, investigations, and policy. After her time with the FBI, she went on to head up security at PG&E and now is a Managing Director at Guidepost Solutions. We chatted to Douglas about what it takes to become the best in your profession and how to keep going from there. You’ll want to read this. What inspired you to become involved in the FBI? What was that journey like?…

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Inaki Berenguer

Can you imagine what it must be like to start a company? All sense of security and stability are thrown out the window and you have to learn to hustle as if your life depended on it (because it does). Now, imagine doing it not once, but three times… and being wildly successful with each venture. 

This is the life of Inaki Berenguer. He has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from MIT. Berenguer has two patents under his belt from his early days as an engineer and after putting in some time at a few prestigious companies, decided to go off on his own. He was the co-founder and CEO of two companies, Pixable and Klink, and now he’s full on in at his latest venture: CoverWallet. There, he has used his background in technology to reinvent the way people manage and buy insurance. Read on to hear how he keeps raising the bar higher for himself and those around him.

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Dr. Anuruddh Kumar Misra

If we had to give Dr. Anuruddh Kumar Misra a singular title, we would say that he is a physician and the current Medical Director at USHealthWorks. But, do we really have to stop there? We can’t.

His resume is an incredible list of achievements that have us wondering how we can keep evolving. Certified in Internal Medicine with a subspecialty of Sports Medicine, Dr. Misra currently spends his days in Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care. He has specialized in the Workers’ Comp Industry since 2008 and mixes his professional time between volunteer work and continuing education. 

It’s been incredible getting to know Dr. Misra and if there’s one thing you can take away from all of this, know that the limits are only as high as you set them.

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Michael Sullivan

Success is not about having it hard or easy — it’s about tenacity, determination, and passion. Not every company starts out with a 20-person team,  corner office, or immaculate board room. Sometimes, it all starts with a really good idea and a dream to create something meaningful. Michael Sullivan of Michael Sullivan & Associates, a workers’ compensation focused law firm, shares the transition of his humble beginnings in a simple bedroom office to a well recognized and trusted brand across seven locations in California. He’s also the creator of Sullivan on Comp, a comprehensive treatise on California workers’ compensation law.

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: Mark Walls

Mark Walls is a perfect example of the unpredictable life journey we take to get where we want to be. He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in communications and took some non-communication related jobs for a few years before he stumbled upon the workers’ compensation industry. After that fateful day and 25 years of dedication, he only continues to exceed our expectations with all of his prestige and success as the Vice President of Communications and Strategic Analysis at Safety National.

Jackelyn Ho

Thursday Thought Leader: David DePaolo

If you haven’t heard of David DePaolo, now is the time to get him on your radar. He’s been a leader in the Workers’ Comp industry since 1984 where he started out as an attorney and then went on to create renowned specialty publication WorkCompCentral. Upon hearing the words “workers’ comp”, many people ‘s thoughts trail to a space of negativity, but DePaolo has been on a mission to show the importance and benefits of the system. 

Jackelyn Ho