Thursday Thought Leader: Benedict Burke

Benedict Burke of Crawford and Company is LegalNet Inc's Thursday Thought Leader

What do you think of when you hear the word “insurance“? Do you think car accidents or home loss? Unfortunately, insurance yields a negative connotation, but the people who work in the industry have the best of intentions. They are caring, passionate, and thoughtful individuals who are there when you need a hand. Cue in: Benedict Burke. … Read more

Cheers to These Influential Leaders on International Women’s Day

We are featuring industry leaders on International Women's Day.

Although there is only one day a year that we officially recognize International Women’s Day, it feels like every day is a good day to thank our moms, sisters, wives, daughters, and friends for being the incredibly inspirational people they are. In honor of today, we want to extend the biggest of thanks to a … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Hannah and Jade Sullivan

Hannah and Jade Sullivan of POGO Insurance is LegalNet Inc's Thursday Thought Leader

Insurtech is one of the best things to happen to the insurance industry and we are completely in love with the direction it’s headed. A perfect example of a company that’s leading the movement is Pogo, an online insurance agency that helps consumers and business owners discover, compare, and buy insurance plans. It’s geared towards … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Carlos Luna

This week's Thursday Thought Leader is Carlos Luna, the Director of Government Affairs MDGuidelines at Reed Group, as featured by LegalNet Inc, a litigation cost management company.

The workers’ compensation industry gets a bad rap for surviving off of people’s accidents and injuries, but there’s something that you have to know. First things first, someone has to do it. Second of all, many of the leaders in this industry only possess good intentions and are fighting for a bigger, more positive cause. … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Pamela Pettus

In our Thursday Thought Leader series, we feature industry leaders who have a thing or two to say about leadership. This week we're featuring Pamela Pettus of The Gavel.

In our Thursday Thought Leader series, we love to feature industry leaders who are at the top of what they do, but when they’re also a founding member of an innovative and unique concept, we’re even more intrigued. Pamela Pettus is the CEO and co-founder of The Gavel, which she describes as a “nationwide network … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Robin Smith

Robin Smith, CEO of WeGoLook, shares her best nuggets of wisdom in this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

We first caught wind of power woman Robin Smith at this year’s Dig+In Conference, an annual gathering of all the latest and greatest companies and people who are advocating for a more digitally advanced insurance world. As the CEO and Co-Founder of WeGoLook, she knows exactly how to throw an eye-catching presentation, something made easy … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Frank Petersmark

Frank Petersmark, Principal of Tabula Rasa Consulting, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt comfortable? You know the feeling: easy conversation, good laughs, and total respect. That’s exactly how we feel about Frank Petersmark. He’s done a whole lot for the insurance world and most notably serves on the board for the Dig+In Conference, an annual event dedicated to showcasing companies … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: Jeffrey Adelson

Jeffrey Adelson, General Counsel and Managing Partner of the Law Offices of ATB, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

We’re not even sure where to begin with the long list of accolades that Jeffrey Adelson holds. For starters, he’s the general counsel and managing partner of The Law Offices of ATB, a firm focused on Workers’ Compensation and Civil Litigation Consultation & Defense. Our favorite facts about Jeffrey? He’s served as a Judge Pro … Read more

Thursday Thought Leader: James Riviezzo

James Riviezzo, Client Director of AIG, shares his wisdom on this week's Thursday Thought Leader.

After a short hiatus from our Thursday Thought Leader series, we are back with a brand new lineup of really incredible industry professionals! Today’s spotlight is on James Riviezzo, Client Director at AIG. He’s held a handful of impressive roles at several major companies, a difficult feat that looked like a walk in the park … Read more

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